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Why choose us?

Our delicious gourmet meals,we only use free range chicken and grass fed beef meat.We pride ourselves on creating meals from scratch, using local farm fresh ingredients and choose organic where possible. Our meals are 100% fresh and are delivered fresh ready to consume – not frozen. No nasty artificial additives or preservatives added.We vacuum seal our meals for freshness and quality.Our meals are designed on the basis of Australian Dietary Guidelines serving the required portion for both males and females. Our goal is to educate people to learn correct portion sizes per serving and make individuals aware that eating healthy can also be tasty. Our meals are created in a way that allows you to receive all the nutrients required to aid your long term health and fitness goal. Our meals have all necessary protein, good carbohydrates and fibre to keep you fuller for longer and energised. Every meal will provide you the nutrients to help you achieve your health and fitness goal faster.

Does your meals have any preservatives and/or additives?

No, our meals are 100% preservatives and additives free.

Are your meals fresh or frozen?

Our meals are made fresh and delivered fresh not frozen.

How long can I store your meals for?

You can store the meal in your fridge for up to 7 days of collection, however if meals are not consumed within 7 days we recommend placing meals in the freezer to avoid spoiling. Freezing meals will preserve all the nutrients and freshness. Thawed meals should be consumed within 24 hours. Defrosted meals should not be frozen again. Our specially designed packaging will always keep your meals fresh and tasty whether eaten fresh or after freezing.

What day and time do you deliver?

We deliver everyday of the week and you get to choose two time windows 12am-6am or 8am-6pm.Please check your area or postcode to check what days and times we deliver.

What if I am not home while delivering the food?

Macrofoodz boxes are fitted with ice gel packs that will keep your meals cool and fresh for 6 to 8 hours (depending on weather conditions). When ordering, please provide a location or a safe drop location such as your garage or your neighbour’s address where our delivery drivers can leave your meal without the risk of theft.You can easily track your items with an ETA provided by our drivers

Do you guys have weightloss meals?

Yes,we do offer low calories meals and keto meal option that is super low in carbs and will help to strip body fat in no time

I do not want to be on subscription or locked in to a contract?

Yes of course you can pay as you go.Nobody likes being locked in a contract.You can pay as you go or choose weekly/fortnightly or monthly orders and receive $15 off for every order on subscription.You can cancel or modify your order anytime through My Account section

What areas do you deliver currently?

We offer deliveries across Australia except some parts of Western Australia.Please feel free to check your postcode or area on what days we deliver

How do I cancel my subscription order?

Please email and we will sort it out asap

Can I change or modify my order?

Yes definitely you can.Click on my account and subscription and modify your order.

Can I request contactless delivery?

Given the current pandemic, unless specified otherwise, all drivers will conduct 'zero contact' deliveries. We would recommend adding a delivery instruction when ordering to specify where you would like the box left, or alternatively, requesting them to knock/buzz on arrival. This should ensure a smoother delivery to meet your expectations.We will send a notification a day before to track your order and expected delivery time

Are the containers BPA-free?

Your meal containers and the plastic used for the vacuum seal are BPA-free and microwave safe - no need to worry about nasty chemicals getting into your food!

Are your meals Halal?

All proteins used by Macrofoodz Pty Ltd are Halal.

What if I live in a gated complex or high-rise building?

We can still deliver to you.Simply leave instructions in the delivery notes section of your order such as a code to enter the complex, a safe place to leave the order, or a number to buzz on arrival. If you haven’t left any specific instructions, our drivers will leave your order in the safest place possible. We also offer day and night time window at checkout just for you! This will ensure that your delivery arrives during the day (rather than in our early morning window) so the driver can access the property to leave your order at the door.

Do you have gluten free meals?

All our keto meals are 100% gluten free.Any tag on menu that says low carb are gluten free